Diet-Friendly Cinnamon Pancakes recipe – 85 calories

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Here’s an excellent recipe for pancakes, which are one of my favorite breakfast foods. Tender, healthy, and tasty!

Note: one serving is 1/3 cup mix. If you use less than 1/3 of a cup batter you can have two pancakes for 100 calories! Smaller, but more! :-)

Diet-Friendly Cinnamon Pancakes recipe – 85 calories

1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons Splenda granular (no calorie sweetener)
1/2 cup Egg Beaters egg substitute
1 cup skim milk
2 tablespoons cinnamon
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1. In a bowl, mix the baking soda, flour and Splenda.
2. In another bowl, mix the egg substitute, milk and vanilla.
3. Beat the liquid mix into the dry mix roughly, so as to add more air to the mix.
4. Stir in the cinnamon last.
5. Use some PAM cooking spray on a skillet when cooking, and sweeten with fruit and/or sugar-free syrup.

Servings: 8

Nutritional information for one serving:
Calories: 85
Total fat: 0.4 g
Cholesterol: 0.6 mg
Sodium: 176.9 mg
Total carbs: 16.8 g
Fiber: 3.2 g
Protein: 3.8 g
Weight Watchers points: 1
Weight Watchers points plus: 2

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  1. Once a week it’s just my younger son and I for dinner and we tend to want breakfast for dinner. This is something I’ll try for sure. I even have all the ingredients except the Egg Beaters, that’s all I’ll have to pick up. Perfect.

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