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Welcome to the Diet Recipes Blog!

Here you can find plenty of delicious recipes, but the best part is that each recipe is under 200 calories!

Feel free to browse around our site or pick one of the most recent recipes below…

Appetizer recipes under 200 calories:
[cgview id=24 name=appetizer num=6 size=120×120 lightbox=0]

Breakfast recipes under 200 calories:
[cgview id=31 name=breakfast num=6 size=120×120 lightbox=0 excludeposts=485, 402]

Dessert recipes under 200 calories:
[cgview id=15 name=dessert num=6 size=120×120 lightbox=0]

Main dish recipes under 200 calories:
[cgview id=28 name=dessert num=6 size=120×120 lightbox=0]

Salad recipes under 200 calories:
[cgview id=36 name=dessert num=6 size=120×120 lightbox=0 excludeposts=551, 527, 487, 481, 444, 422, 414, 396, 394, 392]

Soup recipes under 200 calories:
[cgview id=32 name=dessert num=6 size=120×120 lightbox=0]



  1. omg! the pictures of the food u have given secrets my saliva, surely i’ll include it in healthy diet plans.

  2. This is more food art than diet recipes! Amazing!

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