February 2009 Entrecard top droppers

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my top 10 Entrecard droppers for the month of February. Please visit them, they’re all great blogs!

Juice and Smoothie Recipes (31 drops)
BMWF1Blog (31 drops)
Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice (31 drops)
The Ad Master (31 drops)
Everyday Living (31 drops)
Scandinavian Ways – Winesworlds blog (31 drops)
Our Journey to Forever (31 drops)
Authority Directory (31 drops)
My Heart Voice (31 drops)
For Your Health (30 drops)



  1. Hi! Just dropping by to thank you for being one of my February top EC dropper! Thanks for your support :)

  2. Maybe you can answer this one….

    Why is everyone printing 31 drops in February which has 28 days ??

  3. hi, I won 10,000EC from you in Mammadawg’s everglow party pls send ec to http://entrecard.com/details/77743

    I have post my winning at my blog.

  4. Darn I wanted to be your top dropper.Oh well maybe next time :)

    Ms Recipe

  5. Probably because, Entrecard top-droppers counts for the last 31 days, instead of start counting from the 1st of each month.

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  7. I just started Entrecard! Please drop on me, and drop to you back..

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  9. Losing Those Last Five Pounds

    My mother told me a little story the other night. When she first started working in sales, she said, her goal was to ‘write a string of pearls’ – in her parlance, five weeks in a row of 100 sales or more. Her first two weeks would be great – but that third week was always a killer. Four times in a row she got those two weeks, only to fail on the third week. Every morning she woke up and told herself, “I can write a hundred sales this week.” And in the back of her mind, she’d add, “I can never get that third week.”

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