Home Made Hot Rolls recipe – 120 calories

Home Made Hot Rolls recipe - 120 calories

Home Made Hot Rolls recipe – 120 calories

4 1/2 cups well sifted flour (sift about 2 more cups to knead with when ready to place in the pan)
2 packages dry yeast
2 teaspoons salt
2 cups warm water
2 eggs
4 tablespoons soft shortening
4 tablespoons sugar

1. Dissolve the yeast in the warm water.
2. Stir the salt, sugar, and half of the flour into the yeast mixture.
3. Beat in the eggs and shortening.
4. Add the remaining flour and beat until smooth.
5. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and cover with a cloth; let rise in a warm place for about 30 minutes (until doubled in bulk).
6. Stir down the dough.
7. Gradually add more sifted flour, until it can be worked with your hands.
8. Knead a few times (just to get it worked in and ready to pinch off into rolls).
9. Pinch 24 medium-sized rolls off and place them in a large greased pan.
10. Bake at 375-400 degrees F for about 15-20 minutes .
11. When done, brush with butter (while still hot).

Servings: 24

Nutritional information for one serving:
Calories: 120
Calories from fat: 25
Total fat: 2.8g
Cholesterol: 18mg
Total carbs: 20.2g
Fiber: 0.8g
Protein: 3.2g
WW points: 2

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  1. So simple yet so good. These go down great with a tall glass of milk by the way. :)

  2. It looks yummy. Thanks for sharing this recipes. I would try to baked that.

  3. It’s late and your site is making me hungry for all the foods I don’t need! :-)

  4. Looks sooo good. This is the next recipe I’m going to try.

  5. These buns remind me my childhood. wow.

  6. Mmm this makes my mouth water. Will have to try this later tonight =)

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  8. The recipe looks great, I’m think I’m going to try these tonight. Is the butter you brush the tops included in the calories/points calculation?

  9. On a Diet says:

    No, the butter is not included in the calories/points calculation, and is only optional.

  10. When you place the rolls into the pan……Do you have to let them rise again before you bake them?