Eggs on the Grill Candy recipe – 130 calories

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Eggs on the Grill Candy recipe – 130 calories

30 yellow Smarties candies
200 g white chocolate
120 straight pretzel sticks

1. Spread wax paper on a cookie sheet.
2. Arrange the pretzel sticks, laying side by side, into groups of four.
3. Melt the white chocolate.
4. Drop a small amount of chocolate (approximately 1 teaspoon) onto the center each group of 4 pretzel sticks.
5. Top each “egg white” with one yellow Smartie.
6. Cool until set.

Servings: 30

Nutritional information for one serving:
Calories: 130
Calories from fat: 26
Total fat: 2.9g
Cholesterol: 1mg
Total carbs: 23.6g
Fiber: 0.7g
Protein: 2.9g
WW points: 3

Photo credit: kiwidutch



  1. These are cute!!

  2. How clever! They don’t look like they would taste all that great but kids would probably find this appealing.

  3. nice article about egg white…very informative and beneficial for health